Monday, 10 March 2014

Product Review: Prendas "Aqua Light" Overshoes

Last weekend I went out on the usual early Sunday London Phoenix club run, this time into the Chilterns, the weather was around 6 degrees with damp roads but no rain. Usually in these conditions i'd be donning the waterproof socks, another pair of socks, shoes, and then oversocks.

This ride however was different. Thanks to the guys at Prendas Ciclismo ( I had a pair of Prendas Aqua Light Overshoes to wear. Prendas describe these overshoes as ideal for warmer winter days and Autumn & Spring days when there is still a chill in the air or the roads are damp. So absolutely ideal for this ride.

Fit, Material & Design
These overshoes are made from durable and lightweight "Aqua Light" material, and as a result benefit from being water resistant and wind proof (Prendas do make it clear they are not waterproof). Unlike many thicker or neoprene overshoes these are quite close fitting and not bulky, they are flexible so can easily stretch over buckles or lace systems. The overshoe is secured at the heal by a zip and velcro tab system. This seems strong, durable and unlike some other overshoes I had no issues with the zip not closing and falling down during a ride.  The bottom of the shoes, around the cleat holes, toes and heal are reinforced for extra durability and grip when walking off the bike. When you first put the overshoes on they instantly felt warm and comfortable, very pleasing indeed. Under my shoes I wore a pair of generic white socks and some Prendas Thermolite socks (review to follow) this combination worked well, if not a little too warm. For overshoes (No overshoes really look attractive do they?) they look good, subtle Prendas logo at the top of the overshoes, on the side not only indicate which shoe is for which foot, but also adds a classic bit of minimalist styling to the product. I approve. Perhaps, and purely on a personal preference, I would make the upper ankle section longer, but that could well be because I have longer legs than most.

Function & Durability 
The roads were wet, and the windchill was cold. However my feet were warm at the start of the ride, and warm at the end of the ride, which given conditions I was very happy with, as usual as a minimum I would have cold toes. Although the overshoes were wet and muddy from spray on the road, my shoes, socks and most importantly toes were still warm (and clean) In addition to the initial ride I have been wearing these overshoes all week in a range of temperatures from 3 degrees on a fresh morning commute to warmer chaingang sessions in the evening. The commute is quite a tough test for any product due to the stop start nature, clipping in/out and feet down type of the riding, however the overshoes have not only been durable, but stayed secure on my feet and kept me warm (too warm one day!) Now that spring might just be around the corner (?) i'm looking forward to continuing to test these out and comment further on their function & durability. These will also fit over MTB shoes, so i'll be testing them out in mud soon and seeing how they cope. I can imagine during Mountain Mayhem, if it's muddy these will keep me going for 24 hours.

Do a great job of keeping your toes and feet dry and warm, looks good and keep your shoes in good condition. What more do you want from a mid weight overshoe?

Model - Prendas Aqua Light Overshoes (Large - 43/44)
Link -
Price - £29.99

This review is 100% independent. Thanks to Prendas Ciclismo who very kindly sent me the overshoes to review and test, however any opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. 

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