Sunday, 6 March 2016


Sometimes I do wonder why I set my alarm for 5am to go cycling. Most people, infact, most other cyclists would think that is perhaps a little daft? I can't really argue with that, it is kind of daft, but at the same time I love it. It's all about the #lightbro.

This morning was a clear example of why that 5am alarm made sense. The weather forecast was good for the first few hours of the day, and with only limited time, and potentially icy roads in the countryside out of London, Lucinda and I headed over to Swains Lane, Highgate, for our annual Mt Ventoux Challenge (25 reps, 6,500ft climbing) It was the light streaming through the trees, increasing shadows on every lap, the birds just waking up, and the pain in the legs. I know that 25 Swains sounds hard, but as with most challenges like this it is 50% body and 50% mind. That said, I don't fancy 135, which is an Everest... A really great morning on the bike. The best bit? You finish your ride, all before 10am and can spend the rest of the morning drinking coffee and eating pastries. #pro.

Up on Swains today.

Some mornings the weather is rubbish and you do wonder why you bother, but then the following day you'll wake up to clear (and cold) sky. Regents Park, is another pretty special place when the sun is rising, the rest of London is just waking up, apart from a few runners, some ducks, and some wild RPR members.

Regents Park. Central London, but not. 

It's often hard to believe when you're sat at your desk, gazing out the window at grey skies that earlier that day you were riding your bike, and the weather was awesome. There is something about seeing a sunrise over a city, not quite sure why, maybe it's the buildings acting as urban mountains? Maybe the light just looks cool? It's all about getting the best of the day.

Over to Central London from Alexander Palace

That same morning above. 

Central London from Archway Bridge

Central London from Hampstead Heath.

Not to forget the #lightbro, but that 5am alarm certainly means you'll get the miles in. "Ow I could never get up that early" Try it, I guarantee you'll have finished your ride, be sat at your desk, at home, whatever, and be feeling pretty chuffed with yourself. Biggest tip though, make sure you get everything ready the night before and be out the door in 15 minutes. 

Why #lightbro? have a look on Instagram. Then you'll see. 

Enjoy the photos,

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