Friday, 22 December 2017

2017 - A Year in Pictures

Simple Blog Post:

Regents Park, in winter and in the sun, is an awesome place. It’s full of cyclists and safe to ride. This was one of the colder mornings in January when the lakes had frozen over. You just have to stop for a minute, struggle to take your gloves off, struggle to take a photo, and then struggle to get your gloves back on. Worth it though. Maybe. Anyway, had to shoot, started my new job in January.

The month where I head North for a long weekend and go Skiing at Glencoe with Tom. However, 2016/17 winter wasn’t great for Scotland, with only 32 days of actual skiing, most of the snow arrived for a day or two, and then melted. We walked to the summit this time as no lifts were running. Managed a few sketchy runs, then up to Fort Bill to try and find some better snow. This was taken at the summit of Meall a’ Bhuiridh

Are we done with winter now? Certainly felt like it on a fairly warm ride out into the Chilterns. Still one of my favourite places to ride, and this climb upto Ivinghoe Beacon a true classic.  With this shot taken from the classic vantage point. If you’re in the Chilterns, head to Wendover, and check out the Lady Grey Tea Room. Best cake and coffee around, and welcome cyclists!

My biggest ride of the year, the Dirty Reiver. I last visited Kielder in 2011 (I think) for the last ever Kielder 100 (100 mile MTB race) so was looking forward to returning. An absolutely superb weekend, with great friends, great weather, and great riding. I’ve entered again for 2018, so looking forward to heading back. Although if it rains…

Back in the Chilterns again, with Spring in bloom and the bluebells out in force. Another classic route visiting some of the southern Chiltern climbs. Always a testing day in the saddle, even if you do stop at Lady Grey Tea Room…

Another trip away, and this time off to Italy with Owen and John, to ride the Gran Fondo Stelvio, featuring of course the Stelvio, but more importantly Mortirolo. Well, that was steep… Anway, this was taken up Gavia, pretty fresh at the top.

Off to Skye this month with the top crew from dhb. As is often the case in Scotland, and in particular Skye we were blessed with perfect weather, 4 days of full sunshine and blue sky. Not really sure that’s what dhb wanted…

A pretty quiet month, only got married.

More marriage spam, honeymoon to Cyprus. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Not content with getting married it was time to quit of jobs and leave London and head north, we were heading for freedom and the sunny sights of Glasgow. See you later Muswell Hill, you’ll be missed.

Continuing the theory that it’s only ever nice weather on the West coast of Scotland this was taken the day after we moved, on a quite ride up Crow Road. A local hill.

Still no rain, just plenty of Snow. Making the most of condition here and running up Dumgoyne, a local hill just North of Glasgow.

As you can probably see, not much mention of racing… Infact I only managed 3 races, 1 at Hog Hill and 2 at Crystal Palace, I’ll probably regret that when I realise I have to travel 100 miles to my nearest race, maybe I wont, maybe I wont even bother racing anymore. Not sure really.

2017 has by far, been the best year of my life.

Next year there will be more blogs about running (unsubscribe (lol) if you wish now) more Landscapes, more “just riding your bike” possibly some track, and certainly some #scotlandspam.

Thanks as always.

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