Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Boardman Story: Part 2

Halfords rang me on Tuesday. 

They have studied the pictures I sent (see previous post) and have concluded the steerer snapped due to metal fatigue.

Now, I'm not sure about this. If this was the case then surely all Boardmans of this age (2010) would be suffering a similar fate?

In addition to this, Boardman no longer make these forks, however they are looking into other options regarding sourcing some from somewhere. As well as the cost involved.

I however think Halfords/Boardman should maybe look into why the steerer snapped in a bit more detail, after all I don't want other people to suffer a similar fate!

It was agreed I would drop the forks off at my local store for them to be collected and examined in more detail. 

No doubt part 3 will contain more information on what Halfords find out...

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