Monday, 17 February 2014

The Past Two Weeks...

The last two weeks have been relativity quiet.
 - 23 Hours 37 Minutes on the bike
 - Alot of wind
 - 4 LP Club chaingangs
 - Lots of commuting
 - A bike wash 
 - A run
 - 3 KOMs

It's the middle of Feb and i'm feeling good, the club chaingang is working really well on Tuesday and Thursday. It's an hour/45 mins of pain in a chaingang format, with a paceline and then a balls out mad 3 laps sprint to finish (all around the Inner Circle of Regents Park) Pain whatever way you looks at it... In addition to this i'm doing extra Regents Park Intervals and Inner Circle Hill sprints. 

What's that? What are those KOMs? The Hills of North London are a perfect training ground and actually prove to be quite tough given you're effectively in the centre of London, not really known for it's hills.
That morning I had set off for work with the sole aim to beat my previous days effort (2:27) up East Heath Road in Hampsted:

0.6 miles of poorly surfaced, busy road with a flatish section in the middle and a few speed bumps for good measure. I hit the bottom section hard, felt good and pushed on, with a big effort in the final, smoother section of the climb, legs were burning and there was traffic at the top! After the climb I went to work, i reckon i had beat the time, but by how much I had now idea.

Anyway, uploaded to Strava and I bagged the KOM, along with two other on the road. Time of 2:16, average of 16.9mph. I'll take that for now. Although I can't imagine my KOM will stand come summer and drier conditions.

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