Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Intro

This blog will aim to cover my training, riding and racing, both Road and Mountain Bike through 2014.

So where to start...

A bit about me I guess? I'm 25, live in North London, and work as a Surveyor to fund everything bike related. I ride for London Phoenix and commute by bike (a distance of 10 miles each way) however often add a few Regents Park laps in...

I've been riding a mountain bike since forever, and racing endurance 12 & 24hr mountain bike races for the past 4 years, when I decided to start taking things a little more serious. This obviously meant I bought a road bike in 2010. A Trek of some sort with a tripple. This was sold, and January 2011 saw me acquire a Giant TCR Alliance Zero, my current race bike.

Giant TCR Alliance Zero
Boardman SC Comp SS - Running a stupid 49:16 gear
Giant XTC 1 29er - MTB
Giant XTC Composite - SS

2013 has been a good year:
Jan - March
Club rides, solo rides, cold hands, wet feet and a few Regents Park laps.

I started racing in April as standard Cat 4 race fodder, competed in a number of races at Hillingdon, and managed a few top 10 places, however you couldn't get vital points in this series...

Crystal Palace Crit time. A series of races around Crystal Palace park where points were awarded for top 10. This was a technical course, but quick and great fun, 2 top 10 places were achieved.

I won a race at Cyclopark in Kent and moved upto Cat 3. Also rode Mountain Mayhem 24hr MTB race finished 7th in a team, next year i'm going Solo.

This month was taken up with continental riding, namely Le Etape Du Tour, Le Marmotte and riding from London to Paris to watch the finish of the tour.

Back to Palace racing, 1 rubbish race, 1 cancelled race and 1 race where I sat on the front the WHOLE time, managed 6th.

September - December:
Solo riding, riding with Lucinda, cold feet, cold hands, Hertforshire loops, Chiltern Loops, many many Regents Park laps.

So end of the year and time to refelct.
I've done quite a few miles, to date,12,746 miles over 751 hours and 48 minutes. Will be hitting that magic 13,000 by 31st December, whilst this has been great, i'm knackered. I intend to do things a little different next year, and set a few goals. More of which to come.

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