Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mud & Broken Bikes

Ok so I did only start this Blog on Wednesday, but I'm now 3 days into the Christmas riding plan, and well it's not really been followed to the letter...

So Friday night was spent in the garage preparing the road bike for Saturday's ride, 5 minutes in and the bolt in the front mech snapped. GREAT. 

Saturday was a local mountain bike ride. Some new trails, new woods, lots of mud and all good fun. Plan was to head upto Sherwood Pines and back. 11 miles in and I get a puncture... Obviously only had a road tube for some reason, so a slow wobble back home to get that fixed. GREAT.

Right, so off to the local shop. Langdale Lightweights in Mapperly for a new front mech for the TCR, and then raid the garage for a spare 29" MTB tube.

Bikes fixed. So went off for a quick 20 mile loop with Jack on the road bike, Southwell loop and back, a few efforts up some local hills saw some top 5 Strava times, so I'll be going back out then...

Today was meant to be a trip to Dalby. Christmas plans meant there was only time for a quick MTB loop around Sherwood Pines, with Jack & Joe. MUDDY. The forks on the Giant XTC 29er had been feeling a bit, well, rubbish, and then about half way around they went solid, minimal compression. So I'll be fixing that tomorrow. 

So 2 days riding:
1 puncture
1 snapped mech bolt/new front mech
1 pair of Rock Shox SIDS needing a fettle.

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