Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Festive Plans - A Review

Right, well i'm back in London now after 2 weeks off, half in Nottingham, and half in Scotland

How did the Festive Plan go? Well...
 - Mud
 - Some more mud
 - Flooded Roads
 - Broken Bikes
 - Running

Only clocked up 90 road bike miles, all local around Nottingham bar one ride up in the Ayrshire Alps in Scotland. It was only 23 miles, but just over 2,000ft of climbing, beautiful! Felt strong and set some good times of the climbs (two cat 3 climbs) which is was happy with.

As is usually the case when i'm back up North I managed to get in some miles on the Mountain Bike. Great to be back off road, and had some quick rides with Dave & Jack, as well as a few solo missions. The Mountain Bike is now back in London, ready for the Duathlon i'm doing with Lucinda and a few token cross races (maybe) 

So there we have it 2013: 12,914 miles over 763 hours. Busy and tiring. 

Now Scotland was a little damp, and not only that the roads were, well, flooded... This meant that I decided to go running with Lucinda, all off road to help with her training for our Duathlon and her Half Marathons! I'm a huge fan off road running, did a bit at the start of 2013, and then just sacked it off for some reason... Well mainly to concentrate on Cycling. 

Started off with a coastal run around Maidens and Culzean into the woods, beautiful scenery, very wet and muddy, but great fun! 8.6 miles and I felt good. 

Yeah, obviously I can't do this...

Next day we ran up onto the Moors, this was, well, hilly! Muddy as well. 8.3 miles that day, one wrong turn, and one bog where I fell in above my knees... Again felt good, however really need to work on my breathing. Guess that will come with time? Yet more beautiful views! Why don't I live here?

So that was the The Festive Plan. Didn't really follow the plan, but was brilliant and I enjoyed running again. 

6:00 am alarm for a painful 4 hours on the bike tomorrow though. Normal service resumes. 

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